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2008.09 - Valle d'Aosta - Tutor Ergassia

Gianluigi Boerio

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Specie inserite e determinate nel mese di Settembre 2008:


1. Amanita muscaria (L.) Lam.

2. Boletus edulis Bull.

3. Gyromitra infula (Schaeff.) Quélet

4. Armillaria mellea (Vahl) P. Kumm.

5. Tricholoma virgatum (Fr.) P. Kumm.

6. Tricholoma inamoenum (Fr.) Gillet

7. Tricholoma vaccinum (Schaeff.) P. Kumm.

8. Tricholoma saponaceum (Fr.) P. Kumm.

9. Clavariadelphus truncatus (Quél.) Donk

10. Mycena pura (Pers.) P. Kumm.

11. Hygrocybe conica (Scop.) P. Kumm.

12. Hygrocybe pratensis (Pers.) Murril

13. Hygrocybe virginea (Wulfen) P.D. Orton & Watling

14. Cortinarius cinnamomeus (L.) Fr.

15. Suillus sibiricus (Singer) Singer


Totale specie: 15


Luigi :hands49:

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